Sunset Junction

neigh·bor·hood [ney-ber-hoodnoun

  1. A district, especially one forming a community within a town or city.
  2. Neighborly feeling or conduct.
  3. The area surrounding a particular place, person, or object.

When I first moved from New York to Los Angeles seven years ago, I moved to the West Side. My thought behind this was, if I was going to live in LA, I should be as close to the ocean as humanly possible. After all, that was the best place to work on my tan. While my skin’s as not quite as sun kissed as my first year as a Californian, LA didn’t quite click for me until I moved East. North East Los Angeles (NELA, for all you cool kids) and the East Side is where I live, work and play. Every neighborhood has its own unique flavor and I recommend trying out each one!

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